At SynergyPoint® Global, we help people transform their relationships with those around them and create new ways to be, and belong. From here, they unlock new possibilities and generate profound results.

We work with two distinct groups: people-first leaders, and families with teens.

Our team of consultants, certified coaches and trainers is uniquely qualified to guide people who are ready to own their side of the equation, and finally reach and sustain real change.

What separates SynergyPoint® Global from other leadership development firms and family support specialists, is our proven RbQ™ methodology that informs everything we do.

Leaders in organizations create the kind of culture that attracts top talent and drives loyalty and retention. Families create a new understanding of themselves and one another so they can recover from conflict faster, grow closer, and stay that way.

For over a decade SynergyPoint® Global has masterfully guided leaders and families to disarm conflict, discover connections that work, and design a new way forward through innovative consulting engagements, coaching and training.

As a result of their work with us, our clients take responsibility for their impact in order to create, cultivate, and sustain vibrant relationships with themselves, their teams, and their families.


Why I Work With Families

by Tracey Lukes, CEO | SynergyPoint Global

Now Is The Right Time To Create a New Way Forward.

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