We Can Do This, Together.

Learning to communicate in ways that disarm conflict, ways that heal and build a foundation of connection, is possible.


Why I Work With Families

by Tracey Lukes, CEO | SynergyPoint Global


Family coaching services provide invaluable support and guidance to families facing challenges and longing to improve their dynamics. We help families develop effective communication skills, navigate conflicts, and set reachable goals for collective growth.

In our work together, families gain insights into strengthening relationships, fostering understanding, and building a more harmonious environment. Family coaching fosters positive changes, promotes resilience, and equips families with teens the tools needed to thrive together.

Ways We Work With You and Your Family:

  • Private One on One Coaching with Parents
  • Private One on One Coaching with Teens
  • Whole Family Coaching
  • Divorce Matters™ Coaching
  • Family Intensives and Retreats


I can write a book on how Tracey had a major part in changing my life for the better!

Bob S
Parent of Teens

What I loved about working with Tracey is that she brings the perfect balance between the practical and the spiritual. She provided lots of specific tools and resources and also a presence and a positive way of seeing the world that was so helpful. I benefited so much from her helping me to reframe my situation with parenting. I was then able to really get in touch with my true wisdom as a parent. When I parent from that place, I am fully confident in my choices. So much of the stress before was about uncertainty and doubting myself. That stress is so much better!

Diane Shannon, Boston
Parent of Teens & Young Adults

Tracey has been an anchor for me over the last couple of years. I can’t thank her enough for holding space for me and coaching me through an incredibly difficult period of my life.

Parent of Teens

I’ve learned a lot and am at a much better place now with both of my kids! My son is now successfully at college and my daughter is finally in a much better place. When I started working with Tracey, this seemed like an impossibility. I am pleased to share that much happier days are possible!

Parent of Teens

Working with Tracey was a breathe of fresh air! I instantly connected with her and her coaching has helped me so much in many areas of my life such as career, relationships, mindset, and childhood trauma. After each life coaching session, I would think to myself “Wow, I really needed that”. Working with Tracey has positively changed my life in so many ways.

Kaitlin G