Tracey Lukes is a vibrant, luminous, and
down-to-earth presence who brings tremendous experience, insight and authenticity to her keynotes and workshops. Inspiring audiences with her fresh perspectives and people-first culture success stories, she ignites purpose and meaning in individuals, and across the organization.


Tracey Lukes is a vibrant, luminous, and down-to-earth presence who brings tremendous experience, insight and authenticity to her keynotes and workshops. She inspires audiences with her insights and people-first culture success stories that ignite purpose and meaning both individually, and across the organization.


Humanizing the Workplace:
Unleashing the Power of Empathy and Connection

In this keynote, we’ll explore the transformative impact of infusing empathy and genuine human connection into the workplace. Discover practical strategies to foster a more compassionate and inclusive work environment, where leaders and employees thrive by understanding and valuing each other’s unique perspectives and experiences.

Creating a Culture of Acknowledgment:
Fueling Motivation and Innovation

Acknowledgment is the cornerstone of a motivated, engaged, and innovative workforce. This keynote will delve into the art of recognizing and appreciating the efforts and contributions of your team members. Learn how to build a culture where appreciation becomes a driving force, enhancing morale, productivity, and a shared sense of purpose.

Does Love Belong in Business?
Redefining Success Through Compassionate Leadership

Love and compassion are not just for personal relationships; they can be powerful drivers of success in the business world. Join us as we explore the role of love, kindness, and genuine care in leadership. This keynote will challenge conventional notions of success and guide you in integrating compassionate leadership practices that lead to greater employee satisfaction, loyalty, and bottom-line results.


Discovering the “Heart Dream” for Your Family: Nurturing Connection and Unity

Join us in this keynote as we embark on a journey to uncover the heart’s deepest desires for your family. Learn how to identify shared values and aspirations, and use them as a foundation for improved communication and lasting bonds. This keynote will empower families to create a vision that inspires and unites them, fostering healthier relationships and a more harmonious home environment.

Creating Breakthroughs from Breakdowns: Transforming Family Conflicts into Growth Opportunities

Conflict is a natural part of family life, but it doesn’t have to tear you apart. This keynote offers insights into turning breakdowns into breakthroughs. Discover effective strategies for resolving conflicts, building resilience, and using challenging moments as opportunities for personal and family growth. You’ll leave with actionable tools to strengthen your family’s ability to thrive in the face of adversity.

Getting Your Kids to Talk to You: Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Family Communication

Communication breakdowns between parents and teens are common, but they can be overcome. In this keynote, we’ll explore proven techniques to bridge generational gaps and create an open, supportive dialogue within your family. Gain practical skills to encourage your kids to open up, share their thoughts and feelings, and build trust, fostering deeper connections that last a lifetime.


My entire professional existence [at this firm] will be different going forward!! The amazing facilitation allowed us to pause and air the unsaids in a safe environment and ensured that we would move forward together.

C-Suite Professional, Global Financial Services

Thank you so much for spending two days with us. It was extremely valuable and important to our future success!

Senior Leader, Global Financial Services

Thank you for pushing and challenging us all! It was great and well worth our time and commitment! You exhibited a great combination of energy, expertise, and empathy. What seamless pivots, what strength and energy!!

Director of Human Resources, Financial Services Firm

I thought the training was excellent. We really needed to say some of the “unsaids” and it felt like an extremely safe space to do that. I felt like we really moved forward.

SVP, Human Resources, Professional Services Consultancy

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