Workforce Transformation Happens When Relationships, Communication and Connection are the Priorities in Your Culture


We work with leaders and organizations committed to increasing their relational intelligence who are ready to uplevel their leadership and impact for sustainable growth and long-term success.

We develop programs and deliver experiences for leaders, teams and organizations who are committed to growing a people-first culture, while upleveling their impact and success.

Our Customized Solutions Drive Impact in These Areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • 360 Assessments, including DISC®
  • Customized Workshops and Training Programs
  • Executive Leadership Coaching, Team and Group Coaching
  • Coaching & Development for Emerging Leaders & High Potentials
  • Focus Groups and Key Stakeholder Interviews

Workshops and Trainings

We specialize in crafting customized workshops and training sessions, recognizing that individual organizations have distinct needs. Our process involves a detailed analysis of your goals, challenges, and organizational culture. This collaborative approach enables us to develop tailored solutions that address specific skill gaps and align seamlessly with your strategic objectives.

Whether focusing on leadership development, communication training, or honing soft skills, our commitment to customization ensures that each workshop is a finely tuned experience, delivering maximum relevance and impact for our clients.

executive coaching

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching services play a pivotal role in driving and sustaining organizational change. Tailored for top-tier professionals, our seasoned coaches guide leaders in enhancing crucial skills such as adaptability, effective communication, and strategic decision-making.

By focusing on individual growth, our coaching cultivates transformative leadership, ensuring executives lead change initiatives with confidence.

The value lies in creating a resilient leadership culture that becomes the driving force behind successful and enduring organizational change, positioning the company for sustained growth and innovation.

executive coaching

Event Speaking

Impact-driven organizations are committed to evolving perspectives and driving discovery dialogues to advance their culture. They complement their own talent with outside speakers and facilitators, which elevates the audience experience, and increases the credibility and value to events.

A highly-respected expert provides a fresh voice and novel insights on topics like workforce challenges, employee engagement, and injects inspiration into employees and teams.


Tracey is supportive, tough and patient. I always know that she can help me when needed and have learned to help myself with the skills she has taught me. I would highly recommend her coaching if you are facing a tough decision, are at a career impasse or need support during a difficult transition. You will find what you are looking for with Tracey by your side.

Professional in Education

She continues to support me as I encounter and overcome obstacles on the path to my new goals. I am eternally grateful, and recommend her highly. Personal and professional transitions are hard. It is great to have smart, insightful, caring coach like Tracey to overcome inertia and difficulties along the way.

Bob S
Vice President, Sr Analyst

Throughout our engagement Tracey was incredibly insightful and asked the right questions to get me to the answers I needed.

Tim K
Director and Founder

Tracey was incredibly helpful even in one session. She saw that I was being held back by my fears and ambivalence about publishing my poetry. She suggested that I made a vision board about WHY I wanted to publish my creative writing. Having that assignment, and one with a deadline, was a game changer. This course then helped me with so much emotional and practical support.

Sunu P. Chandy
Poet and Civil Rights Attorney, Author of My Dear Comrades

Through my work with Tracey, I was able to gain confidence as a leader and business owner. I was also able to find ways to manage my fears and really be present for my team during a very difficult time. Tracey taught me the power of leadership from the heart. Our team has also never been closer, and teammates have been able to step into their own leadership roles in big ways. Our work was incredible, and I will forever be grateful for Tracey’s leadership and caring.

Lisa M

Learning how to be a coach by working with a coach is important but, getting to process my own stories/life was even better. I became more self-aware and learned a lot about myself and my past. Working with Tracey as my coach helped me to reframe my story from a point of deficit to positive. She empowered me to see the past as stepping stones to my limitless future.

Foluke A
Coaching certification client

Your speaking session was so successful that our president would like to offer this training to all the employees. I received an email from one of our engineers and he is one of the last people I would expected to embrace mindfulness, which is a testament to your ability to make the case for meditation and create a safe place to explore the concept.

VP Human Resources, National Insurance Company

My entire professional existence [at this firm] will be different going forward!! The amazing facilitation allowed us to pause and air the unsaids in a safe environment and ensured that we would move forward together.

C-Suite Professional, Global Financial Services

Thank you so much for spending two days with us. It was extremely valuable and important to our future success!

Senior Leader, Global Financial Services

Thank you for pushing and challenging us all! It was great and well worth our time and commitment! You exhibited a great combination of energy, expertise, and empathy. What seamless pivots, what strength and energy!!

Director of Human Resources, Financial Services Firm

I thought the training was excellent. We really needed to say some of the “unsaids” and it felt like an extremely safe space to do that. I felt like we really moved forward.

SVP, Human Resources, Professional Services Consultancy

Working with Tracey was a breathe of fresh air! I instantly connected with her and her coaching has helped me so much in many areas of my life such as career, relationships, mindset, and childhood trauma. After each life coaching session, I would think to myself “Wow, I really needed that”. Working with Tracey has positively changed my life in so many ways.

Kaitlin G

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